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Charlliam Fantasy I Soundtrack A Success!

Japan is known for its savvy classical music audience and numerous piano prodigies. So it came as no surprise that when we got 1st month sales data from Youtube, we saw that the top streamed track from Charlie’s “Live, Dream, Love” CD was in Japan – Charlliam Fantasy I (Chopin’s timeless Nocturne in C Minor, Op. 48 No. 1) was streamed nearly 6400 times in release month on Youtube Japan without any advertising/marketing at all.

We’re thrilled for three reasons – 1. At least some countries really appreciate classical music! 2. Given Japan’s outsized share of piano prodigies and classical lovers, their nod on Charlie’s music tracks really mean a lot! 3. Without marketing, the track can only get hot when shared by some music lovers. That is also a good sign!

BTW, a few fun stats:

If you’re reading this from USA, try listen to Charlie’s CD on Youtube now to make us look better! 🙂 Administrator

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